Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

MIDAS, the Massively Integrated Data Analytics System, provides all of the functionality of 13 different software systems schools traditionally buy. We provide curricular and assessment resources, parent communication and accountability, assessment analytics, and district and student information management all in ONE platform designed with individualized instruction in mind.

Executive Team

Megan Harney

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Leonard

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jason Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Brent Husson

Chief Strategy Officer

Leadership Team

Willie Alberty

Director of Application Development

Lee Hinde

Senior Software Engineer

Matt Pickering

Vice President, Data Partnerships

Juan Manuel Garcia

Vice President, Equity Solutions

Eric Merchant, M.A..

Director of Sales Operations

Nedda Amini

Software Engineer

Michael Shotter

Software Engineer

Dustin Moore

Software Engineer

Anna Conner

Marketing Director

Advisory Board